Luc Synaeghel

Luc is the Founding and Managing Director of ‘Partners At Venture’ -a Belgian based Venture Capital fund active since 1997 with upper quartile returns-. As of November 2006 Mr. Synaeghel also became CEO of ‘Sniper One’, a successful  long/short equity fund active on the Belgian stock market. As from January of 2010, Mr. Synaeghel was also appointed Chief Investment Officer of the Geneva based Private Bank ‘Banque Thaler’.

Before 1997 Mr. Synaeghel has been active as a merchant navy officer (1981-1985) and as a financial analyst (1988-1989) before becoming general manager of Budget Week and several other financial publications in Europe.

Before starting up Partners At Venture in 1997, Mr. Synaeghel has been Managing Director of the FLV Fund from August 96 until December 96. Mr. Synaeghel holds a degree as merchant navy officer from the Antwerp Nautical College, a master degree in maritime sciences from Antwerp University and a degree in portfolio management from ICHEC Brussels.