Investment Strategy

Stages of investment

Sniper Investments typically invests in small and medium sized privately owned growth companies where the risks associated with technology / product development and market development have been adequately addressed.

Typically, the companies targeted by ‘Sniper Investments’ leverage proven technology, products or services to solve existing business problems, have a sustainable competitive advantage over competition, are growth oriented and generate revenues in a real customer environment (=existing market).

Geographical spread

Sniper Investments has the centre of its operations in Belgium and targets investment opportunities in and around Belgium based on the principle that each portfolio company should be located at maximum 1 day round trip travel time from the Fund’s offices.

Entry-ticket approach

The Fund’s investment strategy is to start by investing relatively limited amounts in a pool of ’high-potential’ equity and quasi equity investment opportunities.
Follow-on investments of more significant amounts are invested in those portfolio companies that have proven to be reliable and successful in their technology development, commercial development, market development, management and that continue to have the potential for strong value creation.

Hands-on involvement

The Fund’s involvement in the portfolio companies goes beyond acquiring a stake and then monitoring that stake on a monthly basis in the Board of Directors or any other strategic committee.

The Sniper Investments’team is convinced that a truly hands on involvement in the portfolio companies not merely assisting management in important decisions, but also helping them to implement those decisions, is critical to timely evaluate the performance of the companies, to decide upon follow-on investments and to be credible and respected by the entrepreneurs.

Consequently, the Fund’s management team dedicates a lot of time and energy to help their portfolio companies succeed. They make introductions to their contacts, both domestic and international, that can assist in developing their businesses on a global scale. They actively help their portfolio companies in their financial & commercial management, in the quest for talented people, investors, business partners and strategic partners and constantly keep management alert of the value drivers in their business/market in order to focus their strategies in a way that can maximise the value creation of those company within a realistic time-frame.

Influential minority stakes

The Fund targets minority interests in portfolio companies that accompanied with the protection from solid shareholders agreements will enable the Fund to maximize its liquidity and to be able to exert influence when it is necessary to bring about changes.

Sector approach

The Fund targets investments in companies active in existing, potentially significant and rapidly growing sectors. The likely sectors are high-tech, new materials, communications, ICT, multimedia, med-tech, specialized services, etc. but also more classical business sectors with the potential for significant value creation are being assessed.

The Fund maintains a diversified investment approach, where management, market and realistic value creation remain the key investment criteria guarded by experienced investment professionals that will be assisted by external sector specialists when required.