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Divitel is a Dutch multimedia company active as an independent solution provider and systems integrator specialized in the European digital video market with broad experience and technical knowhow in the fields of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and Internet Protocol TV (iPTV) solutions. The company designs and builds the entire technical architecture of new digital TV and media applications and provides the necessary support services such as consultancy, feasibility studies, testing, certification, documentation, training as well as post project recurring maintenance services on the systems.

Divitel was set up in 1997 and is internationally active with offices in The Netherlands, Germany, the Americas and Portugal.
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NGData is a Belgian based company offering a Big Data management platform to bring existing Big Data Technologies and machine intelligence together, allowing organizations to capitalize on the massive amounts of data they generate nowadays. NGDATA develops ‘Lily’, a Big Data management system that offers an easy way to extract powerful business insights and benefit from enriched data in real time, to make an immediate impact on and improve business performance.

Press release 24/09/2013 – Additional fund raise
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Materialise is a Belgian based company active as one of the pioneers and market leaders in the area of Additive Manufacturing -also called 3D Printing- which is a three-dimensional printing technique that starts from CAD- or scan images and results in three-dimensional objects manufactured in a wide range of plastics, stainless steel, titanium and a growing range of other materials. The manufacturing or printing process is usually layer upon layer, as opposed to the traditional subtractive manufacturing methodologies which are based on removal of material.
The company is active in very diverse fields encompassing a broad range of different applications, ranging from a multitude of software suites to drive 3D-printers, to medical applications and additive manufacturing based production services.

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