Formed in 2011, Sniper Investments is a lean, transparent value investment fund with a long term philosophy.

The fund builds on its management team’s full cycle track record in successfully raising, investing, managing and exiting Venture Capital and Private Equity portfolio’s in both up- and down cycles.

“The only thing we would rather do than being a Venture Capitalist is starting our own company. Well, that’s what we have done… and it turns out to be a Venture Capital firm”

The fund targets investment opportunities -at maximum 1 day round trip travel time from its offices- with strong value creation potential, most likely in ICT, high tech, med-tech, new materials and related industries as well as in more classical business sectors that provide such opportunities.

“We want to create transactions in a variety of businesses as we believe that a diversified portfolio is a better long-term strategy than a narrow focus”

The fund will invest in early stage as well as in more mature private growth companies through both equity and quasi-equity instruments, targeting companies active in existing markets and typically situated after the seed and start-up phase but before the financing by larger institutional players.

“We want to invest in new products, in unusually gifted managements and in undervalued assets as we perceive them”

The fund has a contrarian strategy, targeting to see through hype situations, and will thus attempt to avoid the  ‘hot sectors of the moment’ and create transactions in a variety of businesses with a focus on long term value creation.

“We also look for opportunities where other investors hesitate to go. We don’t follow the crowd and we don’t want to be put in box as that would limit our flexibility”

Contrary to market practice, we have very consciously chosen a long term investment philosophy as we believe that a patient investment approach pays off. We do not want to move quickly in and out of our assets or put pressure on entrepreneurs to create exits simply because our fund is closing.

“We want to get a reputation that we can stick longer with successful portfolio companies than our competitors”

The Sniper Investments strategy can thus be described as focusing on long term value creation by building companies – as opposed to short term financially engineered transactions – through a multi-sector and mutli-stage investment approach where asset value, good products, good teams and good strategies will be the basis for each investment decision.